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Newsletter – June 2020

We Are Hiring!

CAMERA seeks two full-time Campus Advisors to join its growing team of young professionals providing support and guidance to students interested in Israel activism. The Advisor will oversee CAMERA Fellows and CAMERA-supported Israel organizations, and will help develop and implement effective measures to meet challenges facing Zionist students. The position will be based in our Boston office. Requirements for the position include:  

  • 1-3 years of relevant work experience 
  • Strong event planning skills
  • Strong skills in communications, interpersonal relations, and organization 
  • Strong knowledge of history and politics related to the Middle East, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli conflict 
  • Instagram knowledge is a plus
  • Willingness to work on a schedule conducive to students, including some weekends 
  • When it is safe to do so, openness to frequent travel to campuses across the country 
  • A strong understanding of and commitment to CAMERA’s mission 
  • Excellent writing/editing skills 

Salary and Benefits: The salary is competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Please send a resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to hali@camera.org. No phone calls, please.

Watch: Florida State University Student Senate President
Compares Israel to Nazis

A Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter has offered yet another astounding defense of antisemitic vitriol—this time at Florida State University (FSU).

After the school’s Student Senate president, Ahmad Daraldik, found himself in the hot seat due to his own past antisemitic social media posts and shockingly antisemitic website, he took to Facebook to explain himself on video. In a remarkable feat of situational irony, Daraldik’s video only dug his hole deeper with a declaration that Israel commits the “same crimes” that the Nazis did. Read more

Watch: Confront Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism from Israel to the UK to North America: A Conversation with CAMERA on Campus Fellows

CAMERA on Campus Hebrew University Fellow Dov Guggenheim, hosted a  Zoom panel on June 3rd with three other CAMERA Fellows from the UK, US, and Canada who discussed their experiences with antisemitism and anti-Zionism. While they come from different backgrounds and live thousands of miles apart, they have each experienced BDS, antisemitism, and anti-Zionism on campus in a myriad of ways.

Follow this link to view the panel discussion. 

Campus Campaigns to Delegitimize Israel

"This past semester, I attended an event hosted by the campus organization Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine (HOOP). There is no doubt that it would be impossible to unravel all the untruths uttered during this event in one short article, yet there is no question about what the overall message of the panelists was: Israel is an oppressive state that should cease to exist. The case of this event is extremely worrying; it is part of a wider problem that exists on campuses globally: antisemitism." Read more

Inspired by Violence? KCL Action Palestine and Ghassan Kanafani

"The literary work of Ghassan Kanafani is lauded by various anti-Israel activists and was recently praised by the King’s College London Action Palestine (KCLAP) society, who published a celebrated commentary on Kanafani by Lebanese public intellectual Elias Khoury, close to the anniversary of the former’s birth. Khoury himself has been accused of 'Holocaust inversion' and historical negationism in his novel Children of the Ghetto: My Name Is Adam." Read more
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Salvaging Sustenance: JLM Food Rescuers Assists In-Need Jerusalem Residents

 To celebrate the creativity of our current students and alumni, CAMERA on Campus will be highlighting some of the new projects by our CAMERA Fellows and leaders of CAMERA-supported Israel student organizations.

Eliana Rudee, a graduate of Scripps College, an alumna of CAMERA's Fellowship, and a professional journalist, was recently published in the Jerusalem Post. She reported on the important topics of food security, financial hardship during COVID-19, and the Israeli culture of volunteerism and going past tikkun olam to questioning existing structures and then taking action to begin making a change. 

Follow JPOST to read more

To volunteer, contact מצילי המזון ירושלים Food Rescuers JLM Group.

Despite Coronavirus, Antisemitism and
Anti-Zionism are Present on Campus

"A recent webinar hosted by Bard University Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Ohio State University SJP featured George Mason and Rutgers professor Noura Erakat, who spoke on Zionism and the State of Israel.

Throughout the webinar, Erakat made outlandish and blatantly false remarks, such as labeling Zionism a white supremacy movement. She argued that Zionism is predicated on the 'removal, erasure, and destruction of the Palestinian people,' and said that Zionism was only meant for white Jews — claims that are ahistorical lies, and project unwarranted antagonism towards Jewish people and Israel."  Read more

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10th Annual International Student Leadership Conference
Though COVID-19 has canceled our annual conference in Boston, we are pushing forward with a virtual conference set for August 9th, 10th, and 11th that will bring together and connect Israel activists from across North America, the UK, and Israel.

Exclusively for CAMERA Fellows and members of our CAMERA on Campus Coalition, the conference teaches students how to effectively combat anti-Israel and biased propaganda on college campuses. Register here for the 10th annual International Student Leadership Conference!
Miko Peled's Marketplace of Ideas
"Miko Peled came to UC San Diego knowing the words he had to trade were damaging, toxic, and brought little aid to the construction of dialogue. To deny a people’s history is a form of defamation – Holocaust denial, for example. To deny the Jewish people’s origin, the Land of Israel, is defaming the past history, the present existence, and the future potential for that people to prosper. Peled claimed 'the Zionists' had concocted a farce of an identity, that the Jewish people were just a religion, and not the ethno-religion they are definitively. Yet, the slanderous defamation he had been spreading caught up to him. Throughout the talk, Peled referred to himself as a Jew, despite the lack of religiosity present in his own life. To be Jewish without religion? Just to be Jewish? Would that not classify the Jewish people as a people, with an indigenous homeland, religiosity irrelevant to the identity?" Read more
"Hi, I'm Eva. I study Law at the University of Westmister in London. I also run my own events business for parties and children's entertainment. I am Israeli from my dad's side so I have visited Israel often since I was young. When I went on Birthright in 2019 that's why I was able to deepen my understanding and knowledge about Israeli culture & the ethos of Zionism. I also gained a further appreciation for the soldiers and founders of the state of Israel. I feel a spiritual connection when I go to Israel & when I visit the Kotel. I also feel at home because Israel is the heart of the Jewish people. This is what I identify with most and it further strengthens my love for the country!" – @eva_bracha
"This Is What A Zionist Looks Like" is a CAMERA on Campus Instagram project which aims to show the world that Zionists come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests. We showcase different Zionists, their stories, their interests, and their beliefs.

To be featured in our 
#ThisIsWhatAZionistLooksLike campaign,  please follow this link.

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