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CAMERA seeks a full-time Campus Advisor to join its growing team of young professionals providing support and guidance to students interested in Israel activism. The Advisor will oversee CAMERA Fellows, CAMERA-supported Israel organizations, and help develop and implement effective measures to meet challenges facing Zionist students. The position will be based in our Boston office.  Requirements for the position include:  

  • 1-3 years of relevant work experience 
  • Strong skills in communications, interpersonal relations, and organization 
  • Strong knowledge of history and politics as it related to the Middle East, Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict 
  • Willingness to work on a schedule conducive to students, including some weekends 
  • Openness to frequent travel to campuses across the country 
  • A strong understanding of and commitment to CAMERA’s mission 
  • Excellent writing/editing skills 

Salary and Benefits: The salary is competitive and will commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Send resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to hali@camera.org. No phone calls, please.

CAMERA invites you to attend 
The Our Soldiers Speak Annual Regional Briefing, NYC
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019
We are delighted to be co-sponsors of this exclusive evening. 
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Foreign Attacks on Israel should not be Normalized


As soon as rockets began raining down on Israel's civilians, Binghatmon University CAMERA Fellow, Shiraz Otani, felt it was imperative to immediately publish an account of the current situation in Israel, the impact on Israeli civilians and her own personally challenges she faces while having a brother serve in Israel's  Golani Brigade.

"Clashes between these radical Islamist groups and Israel might seem recurrent, especially with a barrage nearly triple the size coming from Hamas close to a year ago, but they are not what startled me on Tuesday morning. Rather, what shocked me most as I was poring over the news was the text I received from my father a few hours prior. My brother Daniel — a soldier in the Givati Brigade — is serving in Nablus, which is located within Area A of the West Bank, an area closed off to Israeli civilians. As he was patrolling the area, sympathizers of PIJ threw a type of incendiary device known as a Molotov cocktail at his unit. Luckily, no one was harmed."

Please read further at the BUPipeDream.
CAMERA Fellow Spotlight: Ben Newhouse
Photo: PMC / Sean Zanni for The Algemeiner.
We are so proud of NYU CAMERA's Fellow, Ben New house, was was honored at the Algemeiner's 6th annual "J100" gala in Manhatten. Please click the picture above to view Ben's speech which was for reported on the in the Algemeiner. 
What an Arab-Israeli Christian Taught Me about Peace

CAMERA on Campus was proud to sponsor the campus tour of Yoseph Haddad, CEO of Tougher – Vouch For Each Other, a grassroots organization committed to fostering friendships and lasting co-existence between the Jewish and Arab communities of Israel.  The ten-day national wide tour began on west coast at San Francisco State, then headed to the mid-west to University of Chicago and ended on the east coast in New York University. Picutred above is Yoseph Haddad with students from Drew University. Below, on the left, Yoseph Haddad is pictured at his UC Davis event and on the right, he is pictured with the UCLA participants.

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Now Israeli Educations are Poisoning Social Media – Against Israel 

"Professor Goldblum also discriminates against his own students who espouse different political views. Specifically, those associated with the organization Im Tirzu. He has openly stated that he will do everything in his power to ensure those students are denied from different academic programs at the university.

similar case of a discriminatory faculty member occurred in the United States at the University of Michigan, when Professor John Cheney-Lippol refused to write a letter of recommendation to a student who was going to study abroad in Israel. Unlike Goldblum, Lippol could not escape punishment for his actions. Approval for his two-year sabbatical was revoked, and the university indicated that he would face possible dismissal if he were to be involved in a similar incident in the future. Unfortunately, Professor Goldblum has not been penalized by the university for his discrimination against students who support Im Tirzu.

A deeper look into professor Goldblum’s posts on social media reveals numerous references to settlements being “terror factories” operated by Israelis, arousing and teasing his online acquaintances, and dragging them into a black hole of arguments and arrogance."

For the full article by IDC CAMERA Fellow Noa Rekanaty, please follow The Algemeiner.


CAMERA on Campus UK Student Leadership Conference

CAMERA on Campus UK held their second annual Student Leadership Conference in London.  Students came to learn valuable skills to improve their campus environment on Israel from learning how to tackle tough questions to best techniques and practices to use on social media. The students heard from high level speakers and experts in the field of activism including Simon Cobbs of Sussex Friends of Israel, Natasha Haudsdorff of UK Lawyers for Israel , Labour Against Antisemitism, Euan Phillips and Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev.

Nottington University CAMERA Fellow:
Chris Williamson's Exit won't Remedy Labour's Antisemitism Issues 

Click video above to listen to Nottingham University CAMERA Fellow Alumnus, Joshua Lee, confront MP Chris Williamson

"I had the displeasure of meeting Williamson when he came to Nottingham, my university, for a Politics department lecture. Many students, including myself, were outraged by the invitation of a man who has been accused of being antisemitic.

In response, we organised a protest to the event. We had a large turnout of students representing a diverse spread of political, religious and social perspectives including representatives from the Liberal Democrat Society, the Labour Society and the Conservative Society. Jewish and Zionist students as well as Catholic students stood together. Despite the rain, we had an impressive turnout of about 50-60 students. I also attended the talk itself, during which one of our members confronted Williamson in the Q+A section in a video that has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online. When Williamson was called an “antisemite” to his face, he of course protested, claiming that he was being smeared. He tried to lean on his record as an anti-racist campaigner for the “party of anti-racism”. We (the protest organisers) were also accused of trying to shut down freedom of speech… but today we are vindicated. Williamson reverted to classic Zionist conspiracy theories and Israeli interference rhetoric in his resignation letter. His language in the letter is a clear violation of the IHRA definition of antisemitism that the Labour party adopted in September last year. Likewise, through closer examination of Williamson’s rhetoric in the lecture, I believe there are important insights to be learned about the nature of modern left-wing antisemitism."

Read more from Nottingham University CAMERA Fellow, Daniel Marcus, at the Jewish News.

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CAMERA on Campus Staff on Tour

CAMERA's Campus Advisor, Douglas Sandoval, speaking on the "Millenials Speak" panel in Jerusalem at the GPO's Christian Media Summit.

On the left, CAMERA's Campus Advisor and Strategic Planner, Yoni Michanie speaks at IAC Mishelanu's Northeast Accelerator Retreat. On the right, CAMERA's Campus Advisor and Event Coordinator, Alexa Rittenberg is pictured with CAMERA's Campus Advisor and Online Editor at Chabad on Campus' annual Pegisha shabbaton

"My name is Elisheva and was born & raised in the Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish communities of Crown Heights & Flatbush. I have a deep love for Israel and its diverse culture. I believe that Jews will always need a safe haven like Israel so Israel NEEDS to exist!
I am a writer, speaker & the founder of the #empowerment brand @therealeli7designs which also has collections that celebrates Jewish culture. I truly believe that fashion can heal the world and teach love 
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