Newsletter – March 2021
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CAMERA on Campus is Hiring

CAMERA's campus department has an open position! One is based in our Boston office, one is based either in our Jerusalem or Boston office, and one is a part-time position based in the UK. Whether you are enrolled in university, have recently graduated, or have several years of experience working in Israel activism, you can find your place at CAMERA! Follow this link to learn about the positions in more detail.
Social Media Manager
CAMERA seeks a Social Media Manager who can enhance our brand and build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between our followers and CAMERA. The successful candidate will also be required to collect and review social media data to develop more effective campaigns. The position will be based either in our Jerusalem office or the Boston office. Send resume, cover letter, and examples of graphic designs to No phone calls, please.

CAMERA on Campus #ApartheidWeekExposed Campaign a Huge Success

Our #ApartheidWeekExposed campaign succeeded spectacularly with CAMERA fellows at the helm. On March 3rd, University of Miami's CAMERA on Campus Coalition group Canes for Israel and CAMERA Fellow Shannan Berzack hosted a discussion with CAMERA's associate director Dr. Alex Safian. Watch the entire event here – you'll be glad you did. In the Jewish Journal, University of Pittsburgh CAMERA Fellow Aidan Segal unpacked National Students for Justice in Palestine's February 19th falsehood-ridden event, "Freedom Intertwined: Organizing for Collective Liberation." Read the article here. Click here to watch Ashley Perry, an International Strategic Consultant and President of Reconectar and Benjamin Kramer, CAMERA Fellow at Queen Marry University London discuss the Abraham Accords and Mizrachi Jewry. Our campus team has been regularly sharing educational materials that debunk common "Apartheid Week" falsehoods. All too frequently, Israel's detractors wrongly assert that Israel "steals" Palestinian water. Follow us on Instagram to learn more. Visit to view our virtual "apartheid wall" and past CAMERA events, read recent student articles, and browse our rebuttals and materials that debunk common widespread falsehoods.
Click Here to Learn from Sapir College CAMERA Fellow Why You Should Apply for CAMERA's Fellowship
CAMERA's premier CAMERA Fellowship program is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year. The fellowship is a prestigious program geared towards students who are activists, have an in-depth knowledge of the history of Israel, current issues, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, and are excited to correct misinformation while educating their peers in a public format. This may include publishing articles in the campus paper, holding open educational events (online or in-person), creating and sharing material on social media platforms, and/or all the above. Fellows receive a stipend and attend our annual student leadership training conference, where they meet with more than 100 student activists from across the US, Canada, the UK, and Israel. To learn more about the CAMERA Fellowship and to apply, follow this link.

Haaretz Op-Ed by Professor Misleads to Defend SNL “Joke”

Satire is meant to be funny. Many popular, long-running comedy shows relentlessly caricature and mock almost every imaginable group. But there’s a difference between playing on a stereotype—as characters in “The Simpsons” do, for example—and accusing people of murder. Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedian Michael Che effectively did the latter, implying Israel has only vaccinated its “Jewish half.” Unsurprisingly, many people were outraged by this, not only because it is outrightly false―Israel’s vaccines are available for all its citizens, Jewish and Arab alike―but because it evokes antisemitic blood libels and conspiracy theories about Jews purposely spreading illness or otherwise bringing death upon non-Jews. (See here and here.) Nevertheless, Israel’s detractors tend to become very upset when Jewish organizations publicly object to the proliferation of lies about the country—particularly, lies that mirror age-old antisemitic tropes. To them, the truth is but an inconvenient distraction from the righteous quest to fulfill a higher calling—to redeem Israel from its allegedly evil ways and rescue the blameless Palestinians. Professor Joshua Shanes’ recent op-ed in Haaretz is an example in point, as he expresses anger that the American Jewish Committee (AJC) dared to set the record straight following Che’s joke. Read the full article from our managing editor Zac Schildcrout on CAMERA's website.

Watch: Lyn Julius Speaks About Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands

On March 7th, the CAMERA-sponsored group Bi-Co Friends of Israel and University of Delaware CAMERA Fellow Oryah Lahijani hosted an online event with journalist and cofounder of Harif (an association of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa in the UK) Lyn Julius. During the webinar, Lyn discussed the history of Jewish refugees from Arab lands and presented her new book, "Uprooted: How 3,000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight." To watch the full webinar, please click here. Educating others about the rich histories and cultures of the world's myriad Mizrahi Jewish communities is imperative. Binghamton University CAMERA Fellow Eden Janfar did exactly that in his school's newspaper, the Pipe Dream. Read his article here.

Who is Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network?

Recently, Israel's Defense Minister Benny Gantz designated Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network a terrorist organization on the grounds that it was founded by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) members in 2012. According to a recent Jerusalem Post report, "Representatives of the organization are active in many countries in Europe and North America, led by Khaled Barakat, who is part of the leadership of the PFLP abroad, [an Israeli Defense Ministry press release] said." The organization has cosponsored events on American college campuses.

Who is Samidoun? Why was the group blacklisted by Israel's government? What has been some of its most egregious behavior? What is the group's relationship with anti-Israel student activists?

Our team answers these questions here.

Watch: Lt. Col. Eyal Dror speaks about the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor

On March 3rd, CAMERA on Campus UK, University of York Jewish Society, Leeds Jewish Society, George Mason Israel Student Association, and Sheffield Jewish Society hosted Lt. Col. Eyal Dror of the IDF reserves to discuss his work with Operation Good Neighbor – the IDF's efforts to provide civilian victims of Syrian's civil war with humanitarian aid. To watch the full webinar, please click here.
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Watch: Shai DeLuca speaks about progressive Zionism

On March 15th, University of Pennsylvania CAMERA Fellow Sophia Rodney hosted our great friend Shai DeLuca to share his thoughts on progressive Zionism.

If you've seen any of our many previous events with Shai, you know how passionate, persuasive, and thoughtful he is about this very important topic. That's why you should click here to watch the full webinar.
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"Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Ashkenazi. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario and recently moved to Israel to study at the IDC international school for government and diplomacy. I have always been a true Zionist – my father was the CEO of Yad Vashem in Canada for nearly 15 years, hence constantly listening to stories of the Holocaust since I was a young child truly illuminated the validity and urgency for an independent, Jewish and internationally recognized state in the land of Israel. Throughout my years in high school, I have been active in many Zionist advocacy groups, and still promote Zionism through many platforms. Further to my devotion for Zionism, in my spare time I greatly enjoy reading, creative writing, working out and nature in general."
"This Is What A Zionist Looks Like" is a CAMERA on Campus Instagram project that aims to show the world that Zionists come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests. We showcase different Zionists, their stories, their interests, and their beliefs.To be featured in our #ThisIsWhatAZionistLooksLike campaign, please follow this link.
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