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January 24th Event Featuring Hen Mazzig
Click here for tickets to Hen Mazzig's London community event
We are delighted to announce that Hen Mazzig will be speaking to Radlett United Synagogue during his return to the UK.

A former soldier in Israel’s COGAT unit, Hen has since been on the frontline defending Israel on campuses around the world. In October 2016, Hen’s speaking event at University College London faced a violent protest in attempt to deny his right to freedom of speech. Students had to be escorted out of the room by police due to the threat to their safety from protesters jumping through windows, banging on walls and chanting ‘from the river to the sea’.

Hen does not let such events deter him and continues to speak around the globe about the persecution of his Mizrachi family before coming to Israel, his experiences in the IDF, his record of combatting antisemitism and the danger to freedom of speech on campus for Israelis today.

CAMERA on Campus UK is proud to be sponsoring this event alongside the United Synagogue.
Click here for tickets to Hen Mazzig's London community event
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While commendably inviting Hen Mazzig back to speak on January 25th after his CAMERA event was violently protested in 2016, UCL is not permitting the majority of the students who endured the attack to attend on that basis that they are not UCL students.

UCL does not have a policy of only holding events strictly for UCL students. 

Instead of ensuring that the proper security measures are in place and that no aggresive behavior is tolerated, UCL is choosing to prevent students from other local schools from attending.

This means that many Jewish students cannot attend what would be a symbolic event for them.

Sign our students' petition and tell UCL #NotOnOurCampus- Let Hen Mazzig speak to students from across London without disruption!
Sign the petition – click here!
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