Highlights of 2017
CAMERA Students Took on Antisemitic Rutgers Professor
In October, Campus Coordinator Ben Suster visited Rutgers campus to counsel the students of CAMERA-supported group Scarlet Knights for Israel and CAMERA Fellow Miriam Waghalter on how to respond to the news of Professor Michael Chikindas's antisemitic Facebook posts. Waghalter and Scarlet Knights for Israel fought hard at Rutgers to ensure that Professor Michael Chikindas would be punished for his antisemitic posts, and finally in December, he was disciplined.
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Israeli Media Outlets Recognized CAMERA on Campus's Efforts in "Israel's Defense Network" Feature
Interviews with International Campus Director Aviva Slomich (center) and CAMERA on Campus UK Associates Tamara Berens and Khulan Davaajav and CAMERA Fellow Alexandra Taic were published in Hebrew in Israeli media outlets Israel Hayom, NRG, and Makor Rishon. CAMERA is featured in the story “Israel’s Defense Network” which showcases nine organizations working hard to counter the BDS campaign. 

An English translation of Slomich's interview can be found here.
CAMERA Fellows Stood Up for Zionism 
at March for Racial Justice
Photo: Zionists were met with fellow marchers who did not want Zionists to be part of the event.

CUNY Brooklyn CAMERA Fellow Fay Yanofsky  responded to those who tried to stop her from marching as a Zionist. CCNY CAMERA Fellow Oshra Bitton reminded us that among a crowd of many with anti-Israel views, some are willing to engage in dialogue and consider a different perspective. John Jay College of Criminal Justice CAMERA Fellow Natalie Segev explained that, even though she was discriminated against at the march, she knows it was exactly where she was supposed to be.
CAMERA Fellow Confronted Linda Sarsour at Dartmouth
In May, Dartmouth CAMERA Fellow Zack Port confronted BDS supporter Linda Sarsour over her sexist and violent remarks against female genital mutilation (FGM) victim Ayaan Hirsi Ali. We were happy to help CAMERA-supported group Dartmouth Students for Israel prepare fliers with information exposing Linda Sarsour's hypocrisy which were handed out at the event and used by Port to confront her.

In the same semester, BDS supporting Dartmouth Associate Dean Bruce Duthu resigned from this position after pressure from CAMERA students.
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Official Launch Held in London for CAMERA on Campus UK
More than 50 students and professionals from around the United Kingdom gathered at the Centre for Jewish Life in London in October for the official launch of CAMERA on Campus UK. Read all about the event here
First CAMERA Fellow in India

College campuses in India are wrought with inaccuracies when it comes to Israel. Thankfully, the first-ever Indian CAMERA Fellow, Hriday Ch. Sarma is confronting falsehoods about Israel wherever they are found.

Palestinian Society Members Engaged
in Respectful Dialogue at Nottingham
At Nottingham University, members of the Palestinian Society attended CAMERA Fellow Daniel Kosky's event featuring Lahav Harkov, Senior Knesset Correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. Kosky was pleasantly surprised that the PalSoc students came to engage in respectful dialogue. Harkov addressed questions from them such as, "Are Zionism and the Jewish state founded on racist ideals?"
New Campus Leadership at CAMERA's Headquarters
After five years of dedicated leadership as the Director of Campus Programs at CAMERA, Gilad Skolnick accepted a new position as the Executive Director of Northeastern Hillel. We are excited to announce that Hali Haber, formerly Creative and Outreach Director for CAMERA on Campus, has been promoted to the role of Director of Campus Programming & Strategic Relationships.
CAMERA Brought One of the First Zionist
and Israeli Speakers to Irish Campuses

Tal Hagin, 18, presented on campuses in Ireland, a country where many observers believe the environment for supporters of Israel can be hostile

Hagin used Israel as a case study on overcoming media bias during a CAMERA on Campus UK speaking tour from Oct. 23-27 that included talks at Maynooth University, University College Dublin, Stratford College, meetings with the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland (pictured), the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention, and a radio interview on Maynooth University's radio station.

Hen Mazzig Returned to Campuses
Despite Harrowing UCL Event
Hen Mazzig, a Mizrahi Israeli who served openly gay in the IDF, spoke at an event sponsored by CAMERA in October 2016 that was attacked by anti-Israel protesters. CAMERA and Hen responded by embarking on a 17 CAMERA on Campus speaking tour across the US. Pictured: Mazzig at CAMERA-supported group Eagles for Israel's event at Boston College.
Students on 83 Campuses Now Receive Support from CAMERA!
Since mid-October, we started working with Israel student groups on five additional campuses (highlighted in bold).
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